Mickhel's series - Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Standing Electronic Dartboard

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The Arachnid arcade-style cabinet with cricket pro 800 electronic dart game has it all. This cherry finish, furniture-quality freestanding cabinet with routed doors and storage compartment will complement any decor. The top-of-the-line cricket pro 800 dart game includes a regulation 15.5" target area, 8 player score display with 4 scores shown simultaneously, and 39 games with 179 options, including 7 cricket games. Assembly required. Dartboard accessories included.

  • Tournament style freestanding game features the Arachnid Cricketer 800 tournament soft tip dartboard
  • 8 Player score display - 4 player score display shown simultaneously
  • Includes 7 cricket games
  • Optional 3 level Heckler
  • Dart averaging for '01 games

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