Mickhel's - Recliner Chair Manual

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w easy assembly of the recliner couch.

【Comfortable and Enjoy Yourself】Laying on the recliner Chair in "nap" mode is also comfortable. The solid wood frame of the Recliner and the high-density sponge of the recliner for the Living Room will give you the best support.

【Easy to Use】The recliner chair is very adjustable and almost put you in a nearly horizontal position. You only need to pull the switch on the recliner couch lightly. Then you will have a good time.

【Save the Space】The recliner chair takes almost no wall space to recline. You have the recliner couch about 2" from the wall and you can still recline fully.

【Easy to Through the Door】The recliner Chair is in pieces so the recliner is easy to get in the 23" door. The base of the Sofa for the Living Room easily fits through the door with no problems.

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